Ford Escort RS Cosworth

Ford with Cosworth. A combination synonymous of engineering excellence and breathtaking performance together set new standards in road car performance.

To develop the thrilling Escort RS Cosworth, Ford’s Special Vehicle Engineering Division began with the legendary four-wheel drive performance of the Sierra RS Cosworth. This experience – gained from its string of competition successes – had been passed on to this all new entrant to the league of power. It was a car which was genuinely, dynamically different.

Whether you had chosen the Standard, Luxury or the Motorsport version, the balance between performance and dynamics was perfectly achieved.

With the Ford Cosworth 2.0 DOHC 16 valve turbocharged catalyst engine developing 227 PS at 6250 rpm. Performance bred all round independent suspension with stiff springs and sport gas-filled dampers, with a combined advanced four-wheel drive system that provided formidable handling and traction in all road conditions. Permanent 34:66 front-rear torque split matched ideally the balance of the car and gives responsive, reassuring handling. Viscous coupled limited slip differentials fitted centre and rear help maintain grip in slippery conditions. With electronic anti-lock braking system (ABS) maximised the cars control under the hardest braking. Large diameter ventilated disc brakes were fitted all round enhancing braking performance, with the combination of 8×165 spoke alloy wheels with 225/45 ZR 16 tyres.

It was the combination of distinctive styling with true rally bred innovation which gave the Escort RS Cosworth its special appearance.

From the front contoured air dam, body colour bumpers and louvred hood top air intakes to the body colour rocker mouldings, front fenders with air extraction grilles and distinctive 5 spoke alloy wheels, this was unmistakable a car built to perform.

The outcome of such advanced body design was that destabilising lift had been significantly reduced. There was greater improved road holding at speed. And to maintain optimum airflow, all variants of the Escort RS Cosworth feature an aerodynamically sculptured rear spoiler splitter and front wheel arch deflectors.

The reality of the Escort RS Cosworth could have only been discovered from the driving seat. If the unique exterior reflects the car’s power potential, inside, the RS Cosworth revealed calm efficiency.

The supportive, body hugging front seats were fully adjustable and models fitted with Recaro seats were available with leather trim. Combined with these was an adjustable steering column to allow you to choose the ideal driving position, while your passengers enjoyed Cosworth’s comfort and space not usually found in a performance car. And once seated, you would find all the features and equipment you need in a car that was obviously designed to be driven.

The powerful heart of the Escort RS Cosworth was the latest version of Ford’s internationally successful, competition proven 2.0 DOHC 16 valve turbocharged Cosworth engine.

Peak torque of 304 Nm at only 3500 rpm provides exhilarating performance, with 90% of the maximum torque available from 2600 rpm right up to the rev limit at 6800 rpm.

The all new water-cooled Garrett AirResearch T3/TO4B turbocharger, spinning at up to 103,000 rpm, harnesses exhaust gases to force an intercooled fuel/air mixture into the cylinders at pressures up to +0.8 bar. For greater engine efficiency, the compressed air is first cooled in a unique two stage intercooler (air-to-air/air to water) before passing through the inlet manifold tracts. The turbocharger is waste gate controlled by the Escort RS Cosworth’s integrated engine management system. That guaranteed breathtaking performance with sparkling immediate engine response.

Twin overhead camshafts operate four large via hydraulic self-adjusting tappets. The compression ratio of the pentroof combustion chamber is 8.0:1. The specially forged lightweight aluminium Mahle pistons incorporate a shallow recessed bowl in the crown.

The turbocharged 2.0 litre engine’s key functions were controlled by a computer that provided the ‘brains’ for the very sophisticated electronic engine management system, developed in association with Weber Marelli. The system managed the multi-point fuel injection, electronic ignition and the turboboost strategy. Sensors throughout the engine fed information to the central microprocessor, which instantaneously computed the optimum combination of ignition timing, fuel injection and turboboost pressure.

The Escort RS Cosworth was available in six colours: – Diamond White, Radiant Red, Black, Polaris Grey, Pacifica Blue and Mallard Green.

There were available three different variants of the Escort RS Cosworth.

The Motorsport model came with different front seats and the luxury pack version had leather seats, air conditioning and a split sliding sunroof.

Over the period of manufacture three changes in the car really stood out, the engine went from a nice blue cam cover to a black and silver plastic cover with a smaller T25 turbo’d version, the steering wheel changed to an airbag type and in Europe you could take delivery of the car with or without the large rear wing.

There was also a one off model known as the Monte Carlo Escort RS Cosworth, it had its own unique colour (Jewel Violet) and ran on OZ wheels, the car was built to celebrate the winning of the Monte Carlo Rally in 1993.