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Cars Recognised by the RS Owners Club of New Zealand

Thirty years ago, in 1970, Ford introduced its first ever RS badged car, the Escort RS1600. The RS (Rallye Sport) identity has been an important part of Ford’s sporting image ever since. Over the years the Rallye Sport name has been applied to 32 spectacular road car models, which often proved their point by winning in races, rallies, in rally cross – and in the marketplace.

Ford Focus

The RS badge has never been applied lightly, as each and every model and derivative has offered outstanding performance, road holding, vehicle safety and value for money. RS badged Fords have always shared a proud sporting tradition and have been built in many different forms. There have been front-engined or mid-engined types, front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive or four-wheel-drive cars, with four-cylinder or six-cylinder normally-aspirated or turbocharged engines. Many have employed wind tunnel testing to evolve innovative aerodynamic features, such as the rear aerofoils fitted to Sierra and Escort RS Cosworths. All have pushed the boundaries of technology, and all have been successful in motorsport.

Ford Escort Twin Cam engine

The original RS badged Ford – the Escort RS1600, was the first ever Ford to use a 16-valve twin-overhead camshaft engine and the first to be assembled in the new Advanced Vehicle Operation factory at Aveley in Essex. It also became the first Ford model to be sold through an expanding network of specialised Rallye Sport dealerships

The Club caters for the owners of genuine Ford Rallye Sport cars:

Capri RS2600 – 1970Escort Twin CamFiesta RS TurboFocus RS Mk1RS200Sierra RS Cosworth
Capri RS3100 – 1970Escort RS1600Fiesta RS1800Focus RS Mk2Sierra RS500 Cosworth
Capri RS2800 – 1980
Escort Mexico
Focus RS500Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth
Escort RS2000Focus RS Mk3Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth 4×4
Escort RS1800Focus RS Edition
Escort Mexico Mk2Focus RS Red Edition
Escort RS2000 Mk2Focus RS Heritage Edition
Escort RS2000 Mk2 Australia
Escort RS1600i
Escort RS1700T
Escort RS Turbo S1
Escort RS Turbo S2
Escort RS2000 Mk5
Escort RS Cosworth
Escort RS2000 Mk6