Ford Fiesta RS Turbo

The Fiesta RS Turbo, with the verve of a 133 PS engine equipped with a Garrett AiResearch turbocharger, a specially formulated suspension system complete with stylish alloy wheels, and a sporty interior, the Fiesta RS Turbo is destined to be a winner.

The power unit is a development of Ford’s proven 16 EFi engine, and delivers scorching acceleration and an impressive maximum speed.

Externally, the Fiesta RS Turbo has a distinctive and purposeful appearance. The paint finishes available are in tune with modern performance motoring, and the sports styling is unmistakable.

Inside, the Recaro seats, leather covered sports steering wheel and gear lever are among the more visible expressions of the performance-related ambience.

The stylish alloy wheels are especially reserved for the Fiesta RS Turbo. They are 14” x 51/2” with 185 /55 VR14 tyres, and combine with the specially designed suspension arrangement to match the formidable power of the turbo engine, and to provide road-hugging grip in performance motoring conditions.

The security of the Fiesta RS Turbo is enhanced by the provision of central locking as standard, the tailgate is remotely released from inside the car and the fuel filler cap has a high-security lock.

Beneath the surface of the Fiesta RS Turbo lies a wealth of technology and engineering excellence which endows the car with its undeniable performance qualities. The heart of the machine is a muscular fuel-injected 1.6 engine equipped with a Garrett AiResearch turbocharger which extends the power output to 133 PS at 5500RPM.

This eager and free-revving engine delivers its power smoothly and responsively, its crispness benefiting not only from the extra impetus of a turbocharger, but also from the advanced electronics which endow the ignition and combustion systems with such precision.

The engine’s power is transmitted through a slick five-speed gearbox and ut down on the road by an advanced driveline and wide, low-profile tyres.

The technology embodied in the Fiesta RS Turbo produces a formidable performance machine high on the kind of driveability that puts the fun back into modern motoring.

Fiesta RS Turbo body colours

  • Diamond White
  • Reliant Red
  • Black
  • Mercury Grey
  • Interior Grey fabric