Ford Escort RS1800

The RS1800 was in production from March 1975 to September 1977. The press cars and the very early British built cars using the same body shell as the Escort Sport. These early cars from March75 to Dec 75 will have the chassis number starting with BBAT.

The later cars were originally the Mk2 Escort Mexico which were built in Germany at the Saarlouis factory. The chassis number for these cars should start with GCAT as in common with other MK2 RS cars from abroad.

The Mexico body shell were then transported to Britain and the Ford engineers then removed the 1.6OHC engine and replaced it with the BDA Cosworth 1800 engine.

Ford produced approximately 109 road going versions, with also many cars being built by rally teams in the day.

RS1800 Custom, approximately 20 custom versions were produced offering a centre console, glove box, fascia mounted clock and pod, fully trimmed door panels, carpeted luggage compartment.

RS1800 Base, the options also available were numerous and could be brought off the shelf at any RS dealership. Apart from the custom options, there was also rear fog lamp. Alloy wheels, remote door mirror, black vinyl roof (BVR), tinted glass and various radio models.

The Custom model was limited to the early BBAT cars, but a few GCAT cars were lucky enough to have these extras from new, depending on the customers’ requirements.

Almost all RS1800’s were produced in Diamond White except for one press car that is Carnival Red and one road car in Venetian Red.