Garage Visit

March 1, 2015 @ 1:30 pm
Chris Kitzen

We visited the Hicks Garage in late 2013. Ask someone who went, it’s a must visit. We’ve been asked if we can do it again so it’s organized. Rest assured there will be different cars in the restoration workshop this time or at least at a totally different stage in the restoration.

Many interesting cars including the Longman RS1600i seen on our display at Concours in 2013. Lots of other interesting cars too. The collection includes the first Group A BMW 635 produced, a McIntosh Suzuki, unrestored historic Mazda race cars, a Metro 6R4, Maserati’s , a hot rod under construction, a couple of Bentley specials powered by the industrial version of the Rolls Royce Merlin aero engine plus lots more. What’s most impressive is these guys do almost everything themselves including panel beating, painting and upholstery. It’s probably better to say that the only thing they don’t do is electroplating! The standard of work will amaze you.

Joining us will be the Hudson Essex Terraplane Club Incorporating Nash and Rambler. Yep definitely a mouthful. I’m a member of it as well as I have a 1939 Nash!

If your RS isn’t going come in your every day driver.

Cheers Chris

Meet at BP Papakura on the motorway. We will do a short fun run to get there.

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